Distinctive Features


Word marks, figurative marks… Marks are an essential part in the identity of products and services. They make recognition easier through logos and other ways, and play a vital role in marketing and communication. You can register different types of marks: words, graphical representations and even sounds. The rightsholders have the choice to get nationwide protection or to use international systems.

What is a trademark?

From a legal standpoint, a trademark is a sign intended to distinguish an organisation’s products and services from the rest.
Trademarks can be words, logos, figurative elements and other distinctive features that can be graphically expressed. They might be conveyed through the shape of the product, its package, sound or scent.


A trade name is a sign or an appellation which identifies a company in the trade activity and helps individualize, identify and distinguish that company from other companies with identical or similar business.
The trade name does not need to match the company name, so a different one can be chosen. One single natural or legal person can have several trade names to identify different company businesses falling into different economic activities.